The Landon Companies Strategy for Success
from John Landon, founder

Ours, I believe, is a localized, focused business – my plan is to keep it that way.


Within the Landon companies, knowing and respecting the market is a priority.  That begins with me, and continues deep into our organization.  We base our strategy on specific beliefs and behaviors, honed by decades of experience.  Certain elements are key to our success:

For us, it begins with understanding our customers – what creates value for them and what they are willing to pay for.  Next, having the drive to figure out how to provide it.  Tempered by knowing to never underestimate the buyer’s ability to analyze and evaluate your offering against that of the competition.

Persistence is a key trait in the Landon companies as we continuously seek opportunity to improve everything – locations, product, service, processes – while embracing calculated risks.  All so we can build a better mousetrap.

Speed is another strategic element for us.  Our size and lack of bureaucracy mean that we are able to act upon opportunities and react to market changes quickly. Being relatively “small” also enables us to develop effective relationships with our vendor and subcontractor partners.

Creating value for our customers depends upon our being prudent with finances – our being careful about costs in all the small places adds up to controlling costs on the bigger scale.  It’s how we’re able to offer more home for the money while maintaining a profitable business model that keeps us around for the next generation of buyers.

The Landon companies place a high value on people, especially those with local market experience, shared values and a high level of enthusiasm.  Ours is an environment where superstars are heard, and are very involved in formulating and executing decisions that allow them to flourish and prosper.  Of the many advantages of remaining small, this is one that enables us to attract and keep good employees.

Beliefs and behaviors.  A vision of achievement and passion throughout the organization.  Smaller, but better – locations, design, quality, employees and customer care.  This is how the Landon companies enjoy the journey and create success.